Mismanaged Plastic

The rapid rise in the use of oil and gas during the last half century has been accompanied by the development of petroleum-derived plastic and consequently it leads a big amount of plastic waste which people can not treat properly. Nowadays, the plastic recycling industry is not developed properly, only 9% of the produced plastic will be recycled (source). By 2050, people will have produced 26 billion tons of plastic waste (source)

Cumulative plastic Waste_HelioRec

But the world is waking up to the problem, and governments are starting to act (increase volume of recycled plastic, ban of one-use plastic products, increasing amount of awareness programs etc.) (source). And we hope that plastic recycling industry will be developing in the future and recycling plastic projects will be supported by governments.

Meanwhile, the biggest players of the plastic pollution are Asian countries and we have to solve this issue there as soon as possible

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