HelioRec is a clean energy company providing a multifaceted solution for solar-based power generation and plastic recycling

With commitment and passion, the company is developing a floating solar power plant which can be successfully implemented in the countries with:

  • High density of population and consequently lack of land space;
  • High concentration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • Large amount of mismanaged plastic wastes.

HelioRec’s team is currently focused on the Asian countries since they are the biggest players and contributors to the ecological problems, such as global warming and plastic pollution.

Asia produces 57.5% of total CO2 emissions, 67.7% of total mismanaged plastic waste and it is the most populated region.

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Together with the help of international partners, we are developing innovative solutions to restore our harmony with the Planet.

The main purposes:

  • Saving land space by deploying the power plant on the sea;
  • Producing green electricity from the mature technology – solar energy;
  • Managing plastic waste by using recycled plastic for the floating structures.

Our mission is to make this world a better place by producing clean energy through reducing greenhouse gas emission, effective plastic waste management, and land scarcity mitigation